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But if my frosty signs and chaps of age, Grave witnesses of true experience, Cannot induce you to attend my words, To LUCIUS Speak, Rome's dear friend, as erst our ancestor, When with his solemn tongue he did discourse To love-sick Dido's sad attending ear The story of that baleful burning night When subtle Greeks surprised King Priam's Troy, Tell us what Sinon hath bewitch'd our ears, Or who hath brought the fatal engine in That gives our Troy, our Rome, the civil wound. MARCUS ANDRONICUS Lucius, I will. Shall I speak for thee? shall I say 'tis so? O, that I knew thy heart; and knew the beast, That I might rail at him, to ease my mind! Sorrow concealed, like an oven stopp'd, Doth burn the heart to cinders where it is. Clown How much money must I have? TAMORA Come, sirrah, you must be hanged. QUINTUS Reach me thy hand, that I may help thee out; Or, wanting strength to do thee so much good, I may be pluck'd into the swallowing womb Of this deep pit, poor Bassianus' grave. Join with the Goths; and with revengeful war Take wreak on Rome for this ingratitude, And vengeance on the traitor Saturnine. MARCUS ANDRONICUS That, on mine honour, here I do protest. TITUS ANDRONICUS I thank your majesty, and her, my lord: These words, these looks, infuse new life in me.


Later, Saturninus decides that he prefers Tamora to Lavinia, then marries Tamora and makes her empress. TITUS ANDRONICUS Fie, Publius, fie! thou art too much deceived; The one is Murder, Rape is the other's name; And therefore bind them, gentle Publius. They knock Enter TITUS, above TITUS ANDRONICUS Who doth molest my contemplation? Is it your trick to make me ope the door, That so my sad decrees may fly away, And all my study be to no effect? You are deceived: for what I mean to do See here in bloody lines I have set down; And what is written shall be executed. What is the approximate running time of Titus Andronicus? I've only seen it once, and it ran about 2 and 1/2 hours then. Young LUCIUS Ay, when my father was in Rome she did. Before TITUS's house. Better than he have worn Vulcan's badge. Drums and trumpets sounded. TAMORA Show me a thousand that have done thee wrong, And I will be revenged on them all. Chiron and Demetrius come upon the scene. Cuts off TITUS's hand Re-enter LUCIUS and MARCUS TITUS ANDRONICUS Now stay your strife: what shall be is dispatch'd. Double check the url, or get revenge by sending an error report here. Titus Andronicus Shakespeare homepage Titus Andronicus Entire play . Give me pen and ink. A banquet set out. The Bearers set down the coffin, and TITUS speaks TITUS ANDRONICUS Hail, Rome, victorious in thy mourning weeds! Lo, as the bark, that hath discharged her fraught, Returns with precious jading to the bay From whence at first she weigh'd her anchorage, Cometh Andronicus, bound with laurel boughs, To re-salute his country with his tears, Tears of true joy for his return to Rome. TITUS ANDRONICUS Mark, Marcus, mark! I understand her signs: Had she a tongue to speak, now would she say That to her brother which I said to thee: His napkin, with his true tears all bewet, Can do no service on her sorrowful cheeks. 6704223018

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